Birds, common British species


Finch bits

Chaffinch crest Chaffinch.
With raised crest.
Chaffinch crest

Finch types

Chaffinch male Chaffinch.
The male is salmon pink with a grey hood.
Note the bold white wingbar.
Chaffinch male
Bullfinch Bullfinch.
The male is bright pink, with a black crown and grey back.
Bullfinch Bullfinch pair.
Females are pinkish brown.
Goldfinch Goldfinch.
Red face, pale cheeks & black head.
Brown body with black & gold wings.
Goldfinch juvenile Goldfinch juvenile.
Lacks the adults red face, lightly streaked body.
Goldfinch juvenile
Greenfinch juvenile Greenfinch.
Thick bill and yellow edged wing.
Juveniles are streaked olive brown.
Greenfinch juvenile