Peter Strickland . digital artist

I am a freelance designer and animator, based in Leeds UK

I studied 3d Computer Animation (Bachelor of Arts) in Swansea (now Swansea Metropolitan University), graduating in 2003.

I worked full time for a software company for 3 years, producing screen designs and icons, and helping to define system functionality.

I produce computer graphics using Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, After Effects, Cinema 4D. I also use a variety of open source tools such as Inkscape, GIMP and Audacity.

I made this website with a text editor using html/css.

An example of my college work

I designed and animated the fish & logo, the background was created by James Guy.

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I love creating graphics and animation and I'm keen on design.

I believe in making things easy to comprehend and use, life's complicated enough as it is.

I am involved in a local video club, where I have run workshops and talks on animation and have written and directed videos as well as producing visual effects.

I regularly go out walking and birdwatching, and have developed a wide ranging interest in wildlife and conservation. This led to doing voluntary work at a local nature reserve and producing illustrations for them.

I also take an interest in science and technology, reading about the latest developments.

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